old news!
I'm older today. And I'm embarking on a one-date European tour. See you there!
Keep your eyes peeled for the new GM video coming soon.

there's a new song from gm and cilla posted in the songs section, the new liz ep is progressing steadily, and spring is in the air. deep breath, all together.

lots going on right now... liz and i just finished recording another (very different, in many ways) ep. i hope to not take a year to mix it this time.

also, cilla and i sent off our song to the warhol museum and all seems well. once i get the go-ahead, i'll post the song here for you to enjoy. anything else?

OH! did you see THIS? what about this? This?

thank you all for your kind words and gestures regarding the new (and somewhat old) songs. please do stay tuned as it seems that much more excitement is on the way. really. and happy new year to you.

there's a new holiday song with the amazing cilla danone, our newest partner and friend. make it part of your holidays right now. so....
happy peace and joy,

gordon merrick and family

okay. so now all the music is free and available for download. share this with your friends--the subject heading "AWESOME FREE MUSIC" should suffice.
so, without further ado, here is the long-awaited gordon merrick/liz enthusiasm ep best friends forever. love it and share it, please.
oh, and stay tuned for the holiday song that should be popping up any minute now. it's a good one.

long long time since last update. sad thing. i'm sorry. but... much has happened in the meantime. there are new albums on the verge of release, there are new albums in the works, there are shows. but, best of all, i am mere seconds away from finishing up my education forever... well, at least so far as the institutionalized aspect of said education is concerned. so, let the glasses go *clink* and let the love ride on. it's great to be back.

there's lots of news, but that can wait. heck, just read the livejournal.
best friends forever is done. it's now being created. i'm anticipating a july 4 release date. whew.
there's also a new video from the show in texas. go here to see.
i'll be back in touch, promise.

first of all, send me fan art.
this is a command. i want/need to adequately represent the diverse talents of GM fans worldwide. you are an impressive bunch and i'd like to showcase that fact.
secondly, let it be known that we've begun work on a video, continued work on the new album and have begun to wrap up the long-anticipated duet eps. i know things are taking a bit longer than originally expected, but this is simply because real love takes time.
and lastly, i'll just assume that you are aware of freezepop's new album...

happy new year (a touch late, but still heartfelt).
liz from freezepop and i just finished recording another song for the forthcoming ep. excitement is everywhere. i heard a sneak preview of their forthcoming album and it's just amazing. i can't wait!
also, i've been working on a site for my friends the rotten fruit. these boys can be a bit, well, difficult at times, but they've had a long and fruitful (ha!) career and have known love. go say hi.

enjoy the new holiday song,

i'll be playing drums for the skating club on thursday the 4th of december at the paradise in boston. do check it out, won't you?

there's a guestbook now as well as a new fan art section. also, there are some new photos from the halloween show.

hello. there is a review of the show with the skating club at toomuchrock.com . nice folks, those.

there's a boston show coming up (maybe two?) and i'm maintaining a continuous web presence. come find me! also, make sure you go buy that new freezepop ep. oh! and that lifestyle web album is just about the best thing to surface in some time.... while you're at it, read scarygoround.

still working on new songs for some comps here and there and some shows as well.
also we're looking for a way to let YOU help US reach the peoples. if you'd like to be a gordon merrick message-bearer, let us know! there's free stuff in it for you and yours.

there are some new photos up from the last buffalo show and the skating club show in cambridge. also, there are a few recording photos for those who like to see giant archaic electronic instruments.
oh, and there's a new mailing list. sorry for the pop up, but it seemed the best way. oh, and i won't bother you with too many emails. maybe one a month? every two months?
and have you ever seen the album covers?

so all is well and things survived. work has resumed on the forthcoming eps and i can't stop listening to the tyde. north carolina is a beautiful place, i must admit. hopefully we'll have some shows set up here soon-ish. keep your eyes fixed for new photos and songs. they're a-comin'.

updates coming soon will include new pictures and new songs. but we're presently dragging all of our worldly posessions 866 miles across the country, so this must wait a few days.

if you're in boston, come see the show at tt the bear's on saturday the 19th at 9:30. the other bands are phenomenal and Liz and I will be showcasing a new song from our upcoming EP. i might give away things.

in the midst of big things, folks. moving from old headquarters to new ones 800 miles away. there is a constant catalog of these events out there for those who might want to know more, but for the rest of you, let it be known that there are many big things in the works. they are big. they are things. they are good.

getting older soon, so picking up the pace. remember, we must make approx. 125 more albums to catch up with willie nelson!

okay, so there's a lot going on right now, which might account for the slow updates:
1. we just got finished recording with Liz Enthusiasm of Freezepop again... we're putting together an EP that should be available in the next few months. exciting business, i tell you what.
2. also, in an effort be in more close contact with you, the people, we've started a gordon merrick livejournal. after some friends suggested this medium for communication, we thought it sounded nice. there's no clear plan as to what (if anything) will come of this, but feel free to chime in and speak your mind. good (and free) things must come of it.
3. oh, and we've been working on a IM chatbot to spread the good gordon to everyone. if you IM, put gordonmerrickbot in your buddies list! if not, go here to speak to his html-based cousin.

bad luck at the gordon merrick studio...help us SAVE THE MUSIC.

new pictures from the valentine's show...

introducing: multimedia! a video for send in the clowns...

again with the excitement... there's another song featuring liz enthusiasm of freezepop!

new song. a snazzy little dance number here.

wow. thanks to our good friend m. sweeney, there's now gordon merrick lip balm. just go here to get some for yourself or a loved one.

new photos here. (there's a photo of gm's first performance at a knitting bee. seriously.)

t-shirts! excitement! consumer goods!
there's a complete discography with album covers here.

there are mp3s from the forthcoming children's album bouncy, bouncy by gordon merrick and sharon sherman here and here.

the new album, in a lover's voice, is out and available. see here for details.
there is also an internet-only release of 'send in the clowns' here and an interview.

(there was news before august of 2002, but at this point it's irrelevant.)

old shows!

Saturday, June 11 at Soundlab in Buffalo. 9pm. I'll be doing a short set before treelinedhighway goes on.
Tuesday, June 14 at Sappho, Vijzelstraat 103, 1017 HH Amsterdam. 9pm.

may 22, with lifestyle and lori and meghan at the paws and taws, fulton, texas.

february 14, with the post and parachute adams at the mohawk place.
july 7 at the mohawk place with barry andrews (xtc and shriekback) and ad frank.
july 19 with the skating club, rebecca gates, and the lonesome organist at tt the bears in cambridge ma. it's a record release party for the skating club... wonderful sweetness. we go on at 9:30. after neil hamburger. who knew.
october 31, with liz enthusiasm, herb teppid and std at the smuggler's notch, allston ma.
november 1, with dicky smalls at hellgate, allston ma.

august 28, with don lennon at the mohawk.
november 14, with aug stone and udon lipsmack at the mohawk place.
november 15, with the skating club and udon lipsmack at the davis gym, alfred, ny.
december 18, at the midway cafe, jp, ma.

november 11, with lifestyle, freezepop and dr. sample, at the mohawk place.

(this list isn't complete... we're a tad forgetful around here, but we're working on it...)

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