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Gordon Merrick and Cilla Danone Present:
(from 2002-2014, one (or two) songs a year, every year)
hard candy christmas (2012)
santa claus goodbye (2011)
heat miser (2011)

anorak christmas (2010)
coldest night of the year (2010)
last christmas (2009)
i don't intend to spend christmas without you
baby it's cold outside (2007)
feliz navidad (featuring George P. on holiday guitar)

old toy trains (2006)
silver and gold (2005)
the christmas wish (2004)
merry christmas, darling (featuring ina roulin) (2003)
the christmas song (featuring neville brody)

love libraries ep
, with betty miles
summer breeze
back there someday

both sides now

manchester on my mind
, with liz enthusiasm from freezepop
elephant stone-cassingle mix
the only one i know

this is how it feels

best friends forever
, with liz enthusiasm from freezepop
don't change
space age love song
under the milky way
only you
neverending story
summer boy

together again (at last)
, with sharon sherman
rubber ball
puff the magic dragon
i feel nice

in a lover's voice
glory of love
can't fight this feeling
u r my star

your love
i want to know what love is
woke up in love this morning (with sharon sherman)
how deep is your love?
in a big country (with neville brody)
oh sherrie
dream weaver
sister chistian
all out of love

as A Life of Saturdays (featuring gm and cilla danone)
andy warhol

b-sides and singles!
i know (you're right) with tassels from a day sale SORT OF NEW!
arthur's theme
for your love (with kity vivy)
against all odds

how deep is your love? (20mb QT) or smaller version here. (10mb QT) NEW!
don't change--live from texas with liz enthusiasm! (9mb QT)
send in the clowns--the video! (1.6mb-flash 6)
the gordon merrick 2003 holiday gift video!
to the north (as tassels from a day sale)

as tassels from a day sale

soundtrack for dzig vertov's three songs of lenin (2002)

part i: overture (intro, bench, veilsmarch)
part ii: my state waltz
part iii: we loved him (parts 1 & 2)
part iv: city of stone
part v: overfulfilling the plan
part vi: hydro-waltz, outro

ep (2002)
idea of what

privilege ep (2001)
to the north

with treelinedhighway, featuring b. stosuy and m. bouquard (2000-2003)
saratoga springs
lee marvin

with shoestand, featuring j. zavislak, j. kayack, j. quinn, r. khavari, et al. (1991-1994)

with earl, featuring j. zavislak and a. allen (1991-1994)
melt with you

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