lost in the aether

just recently, there was a rather devastating loss of the master files for much of bouncy bouncy, the children's album with sharon sherman, as well as the forthcoming movie themes project. of course, there was a regularly maintained backup, but due to an astoundingly unfortunate series of events, the backup came to share the (at the time, as yet unknown) corruption of the master disk.

so, in short, in lieu of all efforts to keep things safe, things were hurt. but not irrevocably...

there is a remarkable company just up the road in toronto, ontario called action front whose goal is to try their darndest to remedy situations such as this. at present, they have an IBM DeskStar 60gb drive (once affectionately referred to as 'chawner') in their labs awaiting their very knowledgable and loving touch. the problem is that such knowledge does not come cheaply... data recovery is a highly-technical and time-intensive procedure. in order to ressurect this data, they must go in and physically recreate certain parts of the drive structure to the tune of $1700 (US).

i know that, as recording engineer and fellow 'in charge' of the computer, ultimately, this is my fault... one should always avoid writing over the master backup... one should always play it paranoid. but this didn't happen and sad sad things came as a result.

so, since we are unable to afford the entirety of this data recovery attempt, we are appealing to you, the gordon merrick fans, to help us out in anyway you see fit. this can be through buying a gordon merrick cd or tshirt or lipbalm for yourself or a friend--or simply making a donation of a dollar or two or ten to the data recovery effort.

if you don't have any money at all to give, you can always just send us an email saying that you think we're pretty nifty and these songs are worth recovering.

we are fully aware that there are a lot of awful things going on in the world right now and, if you have limited funds, please give it to people who are truly making a difference... however, if you find that gordon merrick is worth a bit of your money and a bit of your time, please give us a hand.


gordon merrick