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Album Covers

The Strumpet, Archenemy Records, 1999.
out of print.
I Am Your Enemy, Trifecta Press, 2000. out of print.
Gordon For Hi-Fi, Vik! Records, 2000. out of print.
Gordon in Pink, Trifecta Press, 2000. out of print.
Intakes/Outakes, Trifecta Press, 2002. out of print.
In a Lover's Voice, Archenemy Records/Trifecta Press co-release, 2002. out of print.
The Gift, Gordon Merrick/tassels from a day sale split EP, Trifecta Press, xmas 2002, run of 50, out of print.
Best Friends Forever--Gordon Merrick and Liz Enthusiasm, Lover's Voice Records, Dec. 2004.
Together Again (At Last)--Gordon Merrick and Sharon Sherman, Lover's Voice Records, Dec. 2004.


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Live Photos

sappho, amsterdam, 2005

soundlab, buffalo, 2005

smuggler's notch, halloween, 2003
mysterious sonny
costume in context
herb sets it straight
polaroid glasses from udon

recording/rehersing/redoubling efforts 2003
an aries and an arp
and me makes four
new house, old organs
i loved that band
harold bode, robot master

tt the bear's, 7.19.03
duet #3
standing tall

mohawk place, buffalo, ny. 07.11.03
when i think about you...
singing songs

at the lizard lounge, cambridge, ma. 04.22.03
our second duet
i'm wearing green shoes
whispering, careless
spin spin
that yellow sweater again

buffalo, ny, valentine's day, 2003
a yellow sweater, a loving heart
light show
the post! the flame!

boston, ma, december 19, 2002
on the town with liz
blurred and blissful
reddish club photo with arp
dinner theater style
our first duet

miscellaneous travels
(and alfred, ny, november 15, 2002)
we found gordon street some time later
a knitting bee
skating club
logan and lara

mohawk place, buffalo, august 2002
tell-tale heart
with a friend, in red
hit that perfect beat, boy