MUNG: An Introduction
by Doug McDermott

What happens to a dream deferred? It would seem Mr Hughes and his icky poem about gross stuff never considered that a dream could just sit around for 10 years and wait patiently until someone remembered where they left it. And that is what happened with Mung.

In 1991-ish a group of "with it" students started something they would never truly be able to finish. Mung was a small project that defied traditional art sensibilities and was really more geared towards self-amusement. It impressed no one and offended few. Eventually something more interesting took its place and was left alone for nearly a decade. But sometimes a decade is needed for a bottle of wine to turn into a beautiful butterfly.

And so in March of 2000, Mung returned quietly at the hand of one of the original artists. And then it went away for a spell. And then in the famous summer of 2002 the artist teamed up with a Texan associate to create a new Mungian force so powerful, so unstoppable, so majestic, that no lovers of fine things would ever let it go away again.

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