Trifecta Press began in 1997 when a typesetter and graduate student started a small letterpress- driven outfit on the West Side of Buffalo with the publication of Graham Foust's Endless Surgery. The digital wing of Trifecta, Quinella Press, formed soon thereafter with the publication of a series of twenty books called the 'Three Poems Series' featuring poets from the Buffalo area (as yet unfinished). Over the course of the next five years, Trifecta and Quinella continued to put out small books and began to release recordings from local bands until it was forced to take an over-long hiatus due to financial and time constraints. In early 2002, Trifecta revamped its website and began to build version 1.1 of the web journal/'zine that you are now reading. The idea is to begin with a blank slate of 100 megabytes and try to build an intermedia journal that includes (but isn't limited to) poems, fiction, essays, photos, drawings, songs, print design and flash animation. Once the allotted space has been filled, then the entire site will be catalogued on CD-ROM and the process will begin again.

If you are interested in submitting material for publication here, just send an email to including a description of your project (or the project itself if it is text-only) and we will get back to you asap regarding submission requirements (formats, media, etc...).


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